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Fordyce School District will be offering meals this week, to anyone under the age of 18, at the following sites starting tomorrow March, 17th -20th. Regardless of weather conditions. 

Drive thru: 

Fordyce High School Cafeteria , 11-12

City Hall, 11-12

Mobile Van at the following sites starting at 11 a.m. : 

Delco Apartments, 11:00

Leisure Oaks Apartments, 11:15

Redbug Football Field, 11:30

If you have questions contact Tammie Works at 870-594-2016 or


• ● Clear to Governor that there is increasing community spread; based on this new directives o ○ K-12 schools closed until April 17 then reevaluated at that time; education will continue through alternative instruction method o ○ State employees telecommuting and limited onsite for only essential staff o ○ Hospitals, mental health and clinics screen visitors for temperature o ○ Bars and Restaurants closed for dine in service- carry out and delivery only starting tomorrow and until further notice o ○ Gyms are closed for non essential functions, again starting tomorrow and until further notice o ○ Encourage business to move to telecommuting, screening of staff, enforce social distancing; plan for future o ○ Older individuals stay home o ○ Avoid unnecessary trips o ○ Wise for churches to close but with separation of church and state, can not mandate • ● New cases primarily adult, only 2 children ○ 6 children total 45 adults and 11 over 65 • ● Priority groups: healthcare, nursing home and large areas of infection • ● Working on telemedicine to help patients stay at home • ● DESE is working on statues and laws that will be waived for 30 days with timeline beginning on March 17 • ● When the document is released, districts may not see everything listed at this time as DESE is keeping a list of things that might need a later date and be released later • ● Expect things to be added to list as circumstances change ○ Goal is to act as quickly as possible and get list posted • ● Higher education is also having conversation on on issues like not have ACT tests • ● Payment 10 for ABC programs was approved yesterday and coming out soon • ● Still no decision on testing: DESE has a call with US Department of Education this afternoon (Thursday) to discuss accountability and assessment; anticipate an answer within the next several days • ● Do not expect to see counseling change as their student contact time can be direct or indirect service • ● Again stressed need for maximum flexibility!

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