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High School Fax: 5019048948
Wallace School Fax: 5019048947 
Patterson School Fax: 5015883317
HS Counselor Fax: 5019048038
District Nurse Fax: 5019044745

Fordyce High School Registration is now available online on the school webpage Parents may complete the online registration forms or visit our campus during assigned registration days to complete paper copies. Students with forms completed online will be able to drive thru during our posted registration times and pick up Chromebook along with their schedule for the 20-21 school year. Our registration days are as follows: Monday, August 17-9 to 3:00pm --- Juniors & Seniors ONLY Tuesday, August 18-9 to 3:00pm --- Freshmen & Sophomores ONLY Wednesday, August 19--11 to 7pm --7th & 8th Grade ONLY Thursday, August 20- 11to 7pm Any student unable to attend on their regularly schedule day. Students new to Fordyce High School may call 870-352-5615 to schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Graves and complete registration. The link for registration

• ● Clear to Governor that there is increasing community spread; based on this new directives o ○ K-12 schools closed until April 17 then reevaluated at that time; education will continue through alternative instruction method o ○ State employees telecommuting and limited onsite for only essential staff o ○ Hospitals, mental health and clinics screen visitors for temperature o ○ Bars and Restaurants closed for dine in service- carry out and delivery only starting tomorrow and until further notice o ○ Gyms are closed for non essential functions, again starting tomorrow and until further notice o ○ Encourage business to move to telecommuting, screening of staff, enforce social distancing; plan for future o ○ Older individuals stay home o ○ Avoid unnecessary trips o ○ Wise for churches to close but with separation of church and state, can not mandate • ● New cases primarily adult, only 2 children ○ 6 children total 45 adults and 11 over 65 • ● Priority groups: healthcare, nursing home and large areas of infection • ● Working on telemedicine to help patients stay at home • ● DESE is working on statues and laws that will be waived for 30 days with timeline beginning on March 17 • ● When the document is released, districts may not see everything listed at this time as DESE is keeping a list of things that might need a later date and be released later • ● Expect things to be added to list as circumstances change ○ Goal is to act as quickly as possible and get list posted • ● Higher education is also having conversation on on issues like not have ACT tests • ● Payment 10 for ABC programs was approved yesterday and coming out soon • ● Still no decision on testing: DESE has a call with US Department of Education this afternoon (Thursday) to discuss accountability and assessment; anticipate an answer within the next several days • ● Do not expect to see counseling change as their student contact time can be direct or indirect service • ● Again stressed need for maximum flexibility!