April 13 - 17, 2015

  mix   box    wax   tux   fix

  pox   tax    fax   vex   fox

We will focus on the final /x/ sound. Please go over these words with your child at home.  All of these words can be sounded out. When helping your child don’t focus on memorizing, but sounding the words out                       and spelling them correctly.


This week's new words

put  this   with


We have been practicing these sight words:

I    is   a    like   to    my     can    have  and  are  

up  in   at  by  on  see   you   little  me  here  what  has

  as   so   big   he   his   from   of   they   for   no   off

when   comes   out   cannot   all   went   said   go  put  

this  with  that  look  go  want  she  saw  put  this  with   that   look   go   want   she   saw   now   do   home  went 



   New Sight Word this week:  good   was   be   we




We will begin Chapter 8 focusing on the number 20. Check your child’s folder for more information and the extra practice sheets for Chapter 8.  We will only compelete three  lessons in this chapter.  Our review over larger numbers   11-20 will be on Thursday and our test will be on Friday.



        We will learn about the plants and the lifecycle       of the seed this week!




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